Teach Your Child How to Make Good Choices
With Books

“A choice is something you do because you want to do it, not because you have to do it.”

-Excerpt from Dawn’s book Amelia’s Agreeable Attitude.💙

The ABC’s of Making Good Choices was Dawn’s big debut. As a retired elementary principal, teaching children about making good choices and having good character have always been a passion of hers.

The Mrs. Good Choice Series was developed next. She has designed the series not only to help children, but parents and teachers.

Her stories provide children with heartfelt tales that show how choices can affect them in their own world. Parents are provided avenues to dialoguing with their children about positive character traits, and educators will find multiple choice questions and activities aligned with state standards to assist them in the classroom.

Dawn wrote her own heartfelt memoir called My World of Light and Love. It tells the story of how having an upbeat philosophy kept a visually challenged girl resilient and carried her through life.

She is currently working on many other manuscripts. She is a member of SCBWI, and serves as the Midsouth-Nashville Social Director. She belongs to 12×12 Picture Book Challenge and many other organizations.

💛 “On behalf of the third and fourth-grade tutoring-group at East Cheatham Elementary School, we would like to thank Mrs. Dawn Young for sharing her character program with us. Through Mrs. Young’s program, she provides a foundation of needed growth for students to become productive citizens. Not only are Mrs. Young’s books filled with relevant information, but they also provide real-life experiences. The relationships built within the classroom result in more connection to others in the learning environment.”

East Cheatham Elementary School
Third and Fourth Grade
Tutoring Group

💛“Writing an ABC book about good choices makes it easy for kids to learn.”

… Dailynn, third grade

💛“I am glad she wrote the book. It will help kids to make good choices.”

… Kate, third grade

💛“I like the idea that children can learn about good choices while they are young.”

… Madelyn, third grade

💛”All big kids need to share this book with little kids. Even a 20 year old can learn something from it.”

… McKinleigh, third grade